MachiNet Mailserver is based on large scale used technologies for mail servers: postfix, dovecot and openldap.
    That ensure a solid and mature base for the classical e-mail system and for all add-ons.

      The ideea behind the product is to store all personal data as special e-mail folders , using the IMAP annotation feature.
    This approach permit us to provide perfect compatibility with the existing e-mail clients like Outlook or Thunderbird but allow us to extend the feature to any data type we can imagine.
       Current feature set provide:

    - Personal Address Book . The address book is available from web interface or via ActiveSync protocol on smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. The protocol is also implemented for MS Outlook
    - Calendar.  You can keep personal calendars or share them with your team.
    - Task. You can keep traking of simple tasks or share them with the coleagues.
    - Notes. You can use your smartphone for fast notes sincronised with the server
    - Files. You can syncronise your files on the server or interface the mail system with a more complex cloud service like owncloud.
    - ActiveSync access. Machinet Mailserver provide ActiveSync access not only to your e-mails but also to all available data in your inbox, like Contacts, Calendar and Notes.
    - Chat. MachiNet Mailserver integrate Openfire jabber server to provide instant messenging using fat clients like Pidgin, Jitsi, Spark and more or using the webmail interface.
    - Management interface. We develop McConsolette administrator interface in order to allow to local admins to add/delete new e-mail domains, users or groups with no need of linux administration knownledge.